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tv   Global 3000  PBS  January 11, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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sunday. shiites who make it these. i was so that you knew knew who will. i want her to hold three thousand gop to check on the issues that need the planet and his corrupt coming to you today i whined about it makes me never wanted it to the design just as much or electric box the art and create a surrounding a while to tell people things in kenya welcome to the green school for the kids that india needs to think about sustainability
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the european union runs the artist emissions trading scheme in the wild the idea is to use market forces to make it more expensive for companies to connect the hope was that they would then invests more in green technology and reduce police said. now the scheme is failing to deliver the dots because prices for mrs wright's up soda. it remains cheaper for companies to keep producing and i actually cut down on they see it in their sins. still the money is making a difference. i'll slack. authorities in rwanda convinced that offering products that comply with the missus found it can help development. we caught up with amanda got the financial case he needed it to us the right moment. that is ideas into practice and live in clean energy to a whole community. the people in the village of marshall sixty
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around the nose does not always accurate. most electricity to the small hamlet three months again when he supervised the building of a small hydroelectric facility. don't tell the whole has come back to the show to check that everything is working properly. he constructed the month with men from the image. here is the will to songs most when it all began. we're more than rewarded with a one man to start my wife i'm crazy. when eminem result older divorced and yes that is your husband's last month that what with the quinlan says then they saw the earn money from hydroelectric power of realistic in our neighbor suddenly came to me and they want to buy electricity. that would become queen the most amazing thing about the story is that turbo mode took himself to build degenerate into combat. the will to power into electricity the sales tool change in the instant he is learning about the technology. so he
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could get his nine children and a trip not in their homes in. drummer for the group we were much more. and we wanted to earn money and electricity for acrylic. to continue for the fifteenth we had nothing of the new diesel generators and controlling. they lied to them occur mid july so i don't why should we lose the power and water is something one would make our lives easier the grooming the model number ten on wednesday with open minds two hundred and seventy nine show now enjoying electricity the mom to a revolution in the re ment region beyond the electricity grid. when people in from all the grilling feel it's called kappa from the florence smooth skin initiatives need support his bid to succeed on the two nd in the ministry of the environment helps the pot was proud to become reality he's teaching me a nice time of one hundred to create kind of how content images. rwanda says it plans to increase its support for renewable energy
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sources. they have cooled perfect environment. you know when you are using when your boy image your kid is hydrocarbon be out reducing dependence on fossil fuel control. and that's why he had this kind of project school. we are yet to see his honest i've just come to predict. he has meant reducing its concrete rifle come when the market is awaiting can get to come one predicts. so that's who. i announced this project. in the blustery wind and small businesses in the village now young people like giving me jenny to see a future here twenty ten double the official. i was going to use diesel generators. i was lonely. don't stand in
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the ratings better using hybrid car. i was into our systems to cope with demand and a bit lately and sometimes customers even up to stand in line to get a new team name put in africa thousands him. two nd day's menu has been partially de funnest it. the shiney is also traveling around the country to see what can be done about it and improve people's lives. was his success stories has come to the village of men data outside the rwandan capital kigali many of the residents of women who not only escaped ethnic genocide twenty s again. the warm nest is in the troubled weekend essential. we can do it. she may introduce them to the london bank. it's an installation cooking bag that means that women can cook in the morning and took part in the bank. it can sense he said the flu continues to simmer. when
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the man who returns home from the field at midday lunch is ready the taste of wealth and resources. boy i know it used to be very difficult to find firewood to this hill with the wonder that we saved a lot of energy. now i can cook for a week with the same amount of weight and you send single day. that means i can make something warm for the children and the day. he turned the tv. the cone who will win this one the average price of one of the bag is twenty five us dollars will be on these women's means the sheen and his ministry of trying to get ruined and villages to save enough energy. the country to be able to sell carbon emission credits. don't price. you know the one about our greetings to you for these people to afford not to come
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when friend. when monday comes. school is subsidized the nice one about for dad people connect fifty and field guides. mr has come on leno show. he's looking forward to returning to his home village about three hundred kilometers away. he also has a dream for the kona for one. the warning that now was the design holds no one would like to teach the next generation how to build small hydroelectric power play singles. no one's idea of you would like to continue my work done. liam is always water power. one has its disposal. what was going up and get you free. o'sullivan s test of the most actual fact known he takes one nostril and one last picture of the compound the way he can chill of the village's help ease in the toughest in
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the tea wax. when the financial crisis hit with its full force in two thousand and nine. it was only a slight dent in the month of diamonds. unlike many other costs because the diamond trade is back in to double digit growth. and with brazil on the african continent india has some of the largest deposits. respect for the one trying to kill phase two days weeks even months many sit through the rubble of abandoned mines the man that is he trying to survive but finding the rule materials for the insignia of the bricks the indian state of mind or for that. diamond mining has been thriving here for around six thousand years extraction is still the main source of income in the city of pune. there are no jewelry shops in the streets but only use a center for smuggling and black market activity. he meets human rights activist
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use of data on. but he works to be of ironic structures in dili i don't know what one of their focus is used to people who work in india's diamond on this. so they can serve regular visitor to the diamond mining fury located some twenty kilometers outside part. a lot of illegal mining goes on here. workers here there are normally farmers and day laborers. they try to bolster their monthly income by earning a few rupees here and there. now in the dark days of summer the river is dry and mining requires a lot of what. then it caught on a sailboat and is called quickening gutted and is usually the workers collect soil and whatever else they can find fun in that moment the wings with water and stand with it that is called gravel and time dancing to the bottom because this is
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uncle sal island at the mall in congress it would ended up finding did not go to workers and saw him on the upper layers of water soil with their hands will be the last year they will but today everything left over to give up and write a novel into school and loving it. lose it she tells us that this man has been mining for diamonds for more than six years despite his eight years martin says it's enough to get mario. and that in the past piece from some decent sized diamonds the tether system is an eminent domain them in the desert and the men among the stones the workers don't want to know that when you see them immediately. lehman is someone out at the time that i did it end up looking but there's nothing we mean here today. these young people too were hunting for diamonds breaking rocks even though it's more than forty degrees celsius in the shade
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the youngest of them was thirteen and his brothers say they're sixteen and twenty one. a girl does not want to say hello to you and so does the manual and auto content and workers often and downs and lots of people to launch them on demand serious trouble breathing. one kiss in the fortune they have no help. we hope they can be optimized both doing it's worth a read the masks and protective clothing and dangers of the opposite to complete the loan may have a cyst on my estimate on i was definitely a sikh family and the workers who died of silica oh six post that he doesn't have that idea. your suitcase has achieved some small triumphs in his fight for improved working conditions for these people the national human rights commission of india is demanding that the health of diamond mine workers be better protected. but that's not enough for use of that he estimates that up to seventy percent of those diamonds are extracted
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the legal often by children he'll be a son of god an emblem of a fifteen year in ireland and the root of all these problems is corruption lap. and why the government supports a lot of good. to help never get to the people who need it. i'm here with it just in case the government needs to come up with a plan to have children here in education. yet in that they can get a decent hour later on. may you lead a good life yep forty or above the new duke in the middle of it you're so big says the problem here is the lack of schools in the region local families have no choice but to send their children to work in the diamond fields they need the money to feed their younger siblings. it's difficult for these families to break the cycle of policy in fact the un children's agency unicef estimates that some one hundred and fifty million children who have to
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walk well wide. when the pasta children have no option but slack. many are against making top labor illegal but they do want to see that the working conditions. in africa many children find themselves orphaned by the aids epidemic if they are lucky their extended family takes them in the tomb of using the parent stays with them. we caught up with the optus in mombasa are working with kids who have lost their parents. they did it for now. most of these children's parents died of aids. one of fifteen international artists to come to kenya on tuesday. such it's high how truly get the details of the united states. all our hope in holding workshops. the point is not just to teach the children painting i will say to get them to express
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their dreams and that the plane before. it's the first time a new diesel i don't choose to let in three villages moments are all within the company was for those who do you do. jeannie has been working with the project since two thousand and eleven. i took a deep breath and felt that something that a fork until eleven county cup mile away never to count and telling bankruptcy. one kid had a kite he didn't need to put cheney left the family from hadith didn't. loaning me the name the ending. and close our hearts. yes growth i think i'll be your year is out in the future. open your eyes. remember
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the imagination that when when you close your eyes checked. not to lock your heart. to be a veteran you or you can see liking. the most cynical and true. the day. i need to get to me and i can't stand it when you're concerned. why is it. aaron and let them pass the difference. the blind the coolest the children of break from the harsh realities of life he teaches them how to be independent
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all these toys buy me up like half of teens day. think i am i afraid only five themed float definitely came from earliest and two. if in real and authentic had. he makes nice. the real interacting with the artists will now be opened to get him to start in life the villages the wind units may be one of them will one day be able to tell the cops asked a friend tonight and let's not let his monastery of history painting is the masses without wax. well the awesome to speak out so once again is his take on globalization. i am i i mean with opening his oscar for her and to not let them a lot when i'm sixty two it was this entitles you to them. you'll laugh. a living
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from art of the deal they did for this article from the pot is a novel or story start to minimize three of my paintings. once we usually only one. oh man what they like it by the outcome of the band i'd rather live for my art into whether to accept that or was it the most. with the all you. i don't know anything concrete surfaces in terms of expenses. we sometimes have more money sometimes we have lots that
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will probably open women's boat but they will miss the look. will they open them loves them. but my wife and kids and i all help each other out. it is but i don't think there's any reason to worry and hope alive people feel that way but with a a month. we don't work. life has been the real winner. so what if a little bit of everything else money locally a white person like me i have no idea how others see things mostly. what will meet with him. and. call me old. it will all enjoy talking with young people. and also got a regular group by me that's what i do only free time with
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him. my artist future recently i read somewhere that when asked about her into his soul is kind of simplistic reading but i don't believe that without success to generations to preserve my stop them is evil i did. denise is on and on the today as i was so nice and as a tourist paradise. we may see the name to many in that they stop to wax lyrical about the amazing sunsets and wonderful beaches. once the proud kingdom. the spots on his tourism hotspots with concrete island is a waste and water management the sec's up on to become rich in and out the onions green school. if you two packets of instant national private school. all about sustainable living. lou them right. am i. tony jr students
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to save the planet. or at least one part of it despondent. but the guy june is learning about environmental preservation and sustainability. on the agenda today. all frogs survive in ponds. mrs green's school on the indonesian island of bali. the bamboo paradise is located around a quarter of an hour south of the small city of pullman there is no central school building. instead individual classrooms and spread across an apec to campus. some of the lessons for instance in green studies take place outdoors the building drawing like that. what he does think that we did just throw the producer to do but the bomb. no time and beat
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them by a series brett and i took the role of a client event. so i've told some like this is life on the one month to fix that up. and i didn't sort of some demand. we've been studying the phone for two weeks and we learned that the frauds are going in here because there's no escape route. this grant will allow the prongs to reach one i think i might die. so incomplete without you warming to write a nice guy so it will provide eighty percent of the school's power the rest comes from a vine gas generator is fueled by composting toilets. each class has its own garden and supplies the school canteen with food. on today's menu is
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fresh tomatoes on it. along with the ecological subjects the school also offers standard courses in math grammar philosophy or physics the students come from almost forty different countries. the curriculum is internationally certified. an outside hospital at six so the lab slash what i call it design engineering projects putting all hope projects where we have to build a rollercoaster. and it's made out of her son and bend it and move on. and if built it and make it float the idea was to take something from the natural environment in the jungle. ants can start from scratch or roller coasters bit. shows all the different points of physics emotional on the way the client and states to be creative with the bamboo with
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a good time with each other and people who could dynamic piece it has a much more dramatic approach to teaching then you would get in a traditional were all its recess. check out the locals around. here a country takes the place of bamboo. molly's environment has suffered greatly from unbridled tourism and the rapid growth of the island's population settlements and streets has been built where palm trees used to grow. sometimes religious rituals are all the remaining be fooled. he lacks any efficient waste disposal system. darling's simply burn. get a green
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school. after recess. it's time to man. class begins with an israeli folk in its eye the book eye. green school. the emphasis is on combining practical skills with an awareness of the importance of our environment. i want. i am still remaining. she listed a casket that i can teach through the fog that living full flipping back and keeping it they step into the rights to pizza dough and roll amazing skills. for the human body. that's a sustainable education meditation for human being
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most universities. lunch time the kids are enjoying some balinese dishes italian pasta and of course. to me the food is served in wicker baskets lined with his enemies. they don't need to be watched matt saints won. if you want these are ten thousand euros a year. bella whose families can't afford that. so the green school remains in a way since the children of wealthy foreigners. still maybe one day they will share the ecological knowledge they learned here back in their home country and if you would like to see any of these reports again likes it or not i will discuss and you can find us online. below three thousand so this week thanks alot singer from the whole team here and i and ii. which
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statistics. you know. you know the too much the us. now on dvd. low low. the ad users. it is. i have been
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maintained. for her to tears since nineteen eighty four i consider myself lucky because the hobbit and the teen pop record. they're back on. charity the positive steps to reach interesting to see me thinking. she was there to get a chance to change its view of him and she anything phd and she shared before. she did decide to go to chris' comments and comment. at that time in their own. the man and put an end. i don't eat out of me one day she didn't have to grunt work. she picks one and
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the dot com and she loves us it actually hurts you but going to be. she expected to be. it's cheap too. after achieving the icc may be that the kids would do would be my last because i like. i do the plan in an e and. some of them standing there with sensible adults. the pressure to quit. she has lived and fun for him. and there but slowing. i hated my favorite is the one of the sandpit and she said. he's going to die once remember life is trying to avoid a fourth term that is. i sure hope it and leave
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their legality. and amen to that. traditionally male dominated society. we went to four. i don't mind that it gets the facility. i've got to the shore it. she made it on. i like it. this christmas sigh i wanna know. as far as taste so good at getting it now sits in the time you're watching it. the city. with the stereotypes are gone. bob or. you knew you will will
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will will will leak. indeed it got to show coming up a rough and tough looking too good to me le. the new chorus of church. going cross country in style and in the range rover ball. plus new porsche ninety eight the a. the vote the retired forever cause me to describe the hybrid right portion many teams played as the fastest street legal car anyway. they


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